Taking the Narcissist Test

.I just read a post by. An upturned soul https://anupturnedsoul.wordpress.com/
Where they challenge others to take a narcissist personality test. So I live with someone I firmly believe to be a narcissist. The reason there are more people who are affected by the bahaivor of a narcissist are looking into the subject is the affects are undeniable. While looking for a solution people inevitably find the cause. Having personality traits of a narcissist is not the same as actually having this disorder. A symptom of narcissism is the inability to emphasize with those one hurts. So that they can not see the wrong in their actions and subsequently do not seek help. One can’t fix a problem they don’t know they have. I now suffer from ptsd because I am still here. I am nurotic. I had no idea what that even meant. I have an overwhelming need to help those I feel are in pain. I know what it’s like and try to spare others from it. In my quest to help him I might destroy myself. Who knows. I can’t help but do what my soul says is right no matter how hard it gets. So I took the test because for the first time ever I told him yesterday I thought he had some personality traits of a narcissist and he may have this disorder and should have it checked out. He just turned around and called me a narcissist. Don’t get me wrong back when I was dumb I used some of his tactics against him. A whole get what you give kind of thing. You know treat others how you would have them treat you. We’ll I was the mirror. I tried to be. It was soul tiring trying to show him how he was treating me. I tried to talk to him at first. He told me one day that he did not react to things out of emotion he reacted the way he thought he was supposes to react. Then I understood what lack of empathy really looked like. When I said it to him I was hurting could see the cause and wanted him to genuinely want to not hurt me and get help. When he said it back to me without even taking a fraction of a moment to reflect that’s what psychologist call mirroring. So my curiosity got the better of me. My score was three out of 40. I’m in the bottom 5%

An Upturned Soul

Apparently you can determine whether you’re a Narcissist or not simply by taking this test – Narcissistic Personality Inventory.

Of course it’s not really designed to determine whether or not you’re a Narcissist, what it’s actually for is to assess your personal narcissism, and this is pointed out in the intro (see below).




Even though it clearly states and stresses that it is NOT a diagnostic tool, and that it should NOT be used to for anything other than educational purposes… people being people (and that often includes NOT reading instructions) will use something anyway they want to use it.

And since interest in Narcissism tends to mainly be inspired in people when they think they’re in a relationship with a Narcissist, chances are most people will use this test for very personal reasons, most probably on themselves to prove how NOT narcissistic they are and on…

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Ramblings of a unstable mind. Before the beginning.

             So I come from a place where you keep everything to yourself. Hugging is frowned upon. People are conditioned to not cry. Most importantly you never tell anyone from the outside about your family life. Family business is just that. So today by starting writing here, I break my vow of silence. I will no longer pretend everything is fine. This is the story of my life, and how I came to be who I am today. One post at a time. It’s a long story with a bit of everything. Even hollywood can’t write them like this. Only the universe can. Hope you enjoy the ride. It’s gunna’ be long, bumpy, with lot’s and lot’s of ramblings. I have so many things to say. However I feel as my voice does not matter. So many people talking, and no one is listening. So finally I quit asking how, why, and if my voice matters. This is better than talking to myself. Right?